Oklahoma Relief

My platform, DIVA Dog Pageants raised enough money this week to provide supplies from the wish list of The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City. The area was devastated by a tornado emergency of an F4 tornado. One rescue was for a dog stuck in a tree from the twister. It was a nightmare scenario. Thanks to our delegates who entered DIVA Dog Pageants, we have thus far collected everything you see here.

UPDATE: The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma recently requested monetary donations in lieu of supplies since their storage is now full due to an overwhelming response. DIVA Dogs will donate the supplies here to a local shelter program and make an equal monetary donation to them.

First care package for Oklahoma.
First care package for Oklahoma.

26 Leather Dog Collars

10 Cat Collars

5 Heavy Duty Leashes

12 White Boards

5 Spiral Note Pads

8 Permanent Markers

200 Envelopes

4 bags of Cat Treats

50 oz of Hand Sanitizer

And this is why it’s important that we help now!

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