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Janice Celeste, MBA is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Successful Black Parenting magazine and founder of EEI. She is a business woman, journalist, author, entrepreneur, mother, and grandmother. Janice advocates for parents, children, minorities, women and entrepreneurs.


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Janice Celeste, founded Successful Black Parenting magazine and is the Editor-in-Chief. She also founded the Encore Entrepreneur Institute to advocate for seasoned entrepreneurs, like herself who could benefit from extra support and advocacy. She is the host of several talk shows, including ENCORE and Successful Black Parenting.


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Janice was always an entrepreneur. At age seven, she wasn’t content with just having a lemonade stand like most children. She made her lemonade stand mobile by placing a cooler and supplies in her wagon and sold her lemonade at the basketball courts. She made so much money that her parents were worried about her safety and shut down her business.

A few years later, she started sweeping leaves on a weekly basis for the elderly on her block and they looked forward to her visits each week. As soon as she was old enough to get her working papers at age 16, she went to work in the McDonald’s Birthday Party Room, playing games with children and serving cake. She soon realized that she was the most requested employee at the children’s parties, so she started The Fun Factory clown business where she hired herself out as a clown for birthday parties. She made more money that most of her friends. Later in life that clown business evolved into the Fun Factory Day Care Center that provided hands-on fun learning for children and in 1995 she started Successful Black Parenting magazine.

Janice graduated from West Philadelphia Catholic Girls High School in 1984. She studied Organizational Management at Warner University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She went on to get her MBA from Capella University. Janice has been seen on many television shows including CNN, CNN Headline News, and The Early Show. She has three adult children and resides with her husband in Naples, Florida. Janice is the Founder of the Encore Entrepreneur Institute, the host of ENCORE, a livestream talk show and is the Editor-in-Chief of Successful Black Parenting magazine.

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Frequently Requested Topics

Raising Successful Children
As heard on her national tour, Janice Celeste empowers women and parents about raising successful children. She's started Successful Black Parenting magazine in 1995 and has since raised three successful girls to become successful women. Hear her story, how families are changing and what to expect to prepare your children for the future to become successful adults.
TWITTER: Ditch Your Elevator Pitch. Create Your Twit-Pitch!
Format: ​Customizable. Typically between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Did you know the average human attention span is about 8-seconds? That's less than a goldfish at 9-seconds!
Elevator pitches are too long and people tune out. This 45-minute workshop will help businesses develop a quick-pitch of less than 140 characters, including a hashtag that can easily be broadcasted on Twitter and used in-person as a quick-pitch conversation starter. You'll learn something about Twitter too! What's YOUR Twit-Pitch?

This program is perfect for:
​• Business owners or anyone in sales who must meet with the public about what they do for their company.

The audience will leave with:
• Knowledge of why the traditional elevator pitch doesn't work anymore.
• Their own customized Twit-Pitch.
• Best practices for networking with their Twit-Pitch on social media.

[This seminar requires A/V, which includes a projector and screen.]
KEYNOTE: The Desperate State of Female Mentors
With 10.6 million women-owned businesses there should be plenty of women mentors but there's not. The impact on the world with more females as business role models would solve the gender pay gap and substantially raise the GDP but women aren't stepping up in droves. What's the problem? Janice Celeste dives into the real obstacles that are putting women mentors on the endangered list and how we can solve this international problem.

1. To bring awareness to the lack of female mentors.
2. To spark insight of what the world would look like if we had more female mentors.
3. To show why we don't have more female mentors.
4. To demonstrate the damage being done without these necessary role models.
5. What the attendees can do personally and at their workplace to create change and change the world.

This informational keynote will spark change in the attendees to understand their importance in the world to create mentoring programs for women at their level and beyond. They will understand the impact of this initiative and that mentoring is not just a partnership for a young girl to partner with an executive but for woman-to-woman. They will learn that their life experience is enough to qualify as a mentor and they will be called to action to create change.
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